The Fast Track Program

Earn Your Way Into Your Correct Grade!



There are many programs designed for your child to earn their way into their correct grade. 

Diversion Program is for those students who prefer to work in a lab, and have a more independent learning experience. This is great for the older student who would like to is complete two years of coursework in one calendar year, or for those students who have been retained and need to recover specific middle school courses, or work on High School credits. 

Fast Track Program offers an opportunity for a student to attend the lab at least one time day to work toward double promotion, or recover credits from prior school years, or reading, math and writing intervention software.

Flexible Schedule


  We can create varied arrival and departure times for your child based on their transportation mode, academic needs, program enrolled or age. 

If your child is behind their original graduation class or has been retained and would like the opportunity to 'earn their way' back to their correct grade/age appropriate level. We can design the program, specific for your child. 

This labs have tutors and small group instruction for students to learn the concepts and complete the online coursework.  

Specialized Curriculum


  We use comprehensive curriculum based on the common core standards by offering not only direct in-class instruction but also Hybrid Curriculum Model lab instruction and practice online web portals for student success.  We have in house tutors in Math and Reading.